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500kr_de_carlos's Journal

teh 500kr provided by teh carlos of teh libertines
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it's all about teh boozes to be honest. and teh money of teh bigelles.

the membership of this community is restricted.
only teh kids who got teh boozes bought with the 500kr carlos provided are allowed as members.
but this does not, i repeat NOT, mean you cant watch us, spy on us, even stalk us.
in fact, its encouraged. where do you think we would be without the fine art of stalking?
not here, thats for sure. so, just friend us. go on, you know you want to!
500kr from carlos, albion hardc0re, bananas, boozes, more boozes, mr. bling, scotch on teh rocks, spazz, swedish money, the libertines, whiskey and coke