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Dear Post-Bar-Hopping With CarlosGig Depression,

Could you please, please be so kind as to fuck off and leave me alone. I'd quite like to be able to enjoy Things In Life That Are Not Carlos Barât again. Please let me listen to other music than Legs 11 or HQ Sessions Second Wave. It'd be nice not to start grinning madly at work at the mere sight of a bottle of Jameson's, and then being all 'uh hmm nothing ermm' when someone asks what's so funny. Actually, it'd be great if work would start seeming fun and worthwhile again.
Please make this stop, please deliver me from babbling on and on about Mr Bling every time someone even mentions Stockholm, hair, jeans, bananas, guitars, lip balm, Third World poverty, fridges, answering machines or pretty much anything that might or might not have a distant Libertines connection. Please make everything Not Blah again.

C'mon, it's been WEEKS already. Go away.

Alternatively, give me Carlos Barât, and I will never bother you again.


Ms S. Stardust
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